Saturday, December 10, 2011

NEW PROJECT: Open Source Internet of Things HW and SW

This is the first post on the subject of our latest project: An open Source HW and SW platform that collects sensor data and sends it to an online server for real-time manipulation by client systems. This is in line with pachube and thingspeak, two such platforms (you may recall I use thingspeak to store data from my weather station and to display sensor data as you can see here).

A general description of the objectives follows (mainly for the hardware, the part I'm mostly involved in):

1. arduino based main console with wired ethernet connection (version 1, planned to go on to wireless later)
2. arduino based sensor modules and control boards
3. sensor modules connect to the main console and require no configuration (plug and play)
4. the protopyte sensor modules will be:
a) temperature sensor
b) open door/ window sensor
c) humidity sensor and 
d) power/ current sensor
e) relay output board (at least one output available on the controller board, probably more)
5. HW as cheap as we can make it, all open source
6. At the end of the project we will have a prototype controller board and a prototype sensor board for each of the sensors on the list above
7. controller and sensor boards software open source
8. case study application: environment control of a server room
9. board configuration through built-in web interface

1. https: secure connection
2. branch of the project to work on tablet data display
3. other general specs later

1. server room environment monitoring and control
2. reef aquarium data storage, display, monitoring and system control
3. weather stations data storage, display, monitoring
4. others by the community

Available time: 6 months starting Dec 2011, to be completed on Jun 2012 with a prototype that can be manufactured.

A Technology Lab project of the University of Saint Joseph in Macau SAR, China.

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zodiak aka Rui said...

Other requirements for the server side software are as follows:

* Linux server, running:
* Apache httpd webserver
* CouchDB database
* Python

This is what we are currently working on.