Thursday, August 5, 2010

Weather Station Project

And the weather station is finally generating charts and sending them to the web for all to see. Check the charts updated every hour here.

I will upload the final code to the project page on google code and there's quite a lot to do (for which I would love to get contributors):

- wind direction chart is really not readable and needs to be redone.
- code needs to be cleaned.
- bugs need to be reported and solved.
- rain code on the arduino is not good enough and we don't get a lot of the triggers resulting in 0 rain when it's actually raining.


ezer said...

In the downloads the sketch has basic LCD hello world code in it. Nothing to do with the weather station.

trunet said...

The sketch on google code only have an LCD hello world code! Will you share your actual code? I'm beginning to build my own now. I received the weather station today from sparkfun. Also I bought an openlog to store the data when I'm not connected to internet(a buffer of data). I'll love to contribute and make this project something bigger.

You can reach me on

Wagner Sartori Junior

zodiak aka Rui said...

yeah guys, sorry about that! I have now added the arduino code that I used on to the google pages.