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(EDIT end of 2022: Elon Musk killed this!) All out for a new newsletter TTYM - tech it till you make it.

I'm trying out the waters for a new weekly newsletter that talks about tech from a maker's perspective. It's something I write for myself but I'm betting there are similarly brilliant minds that would enjoy the same content I enjoy. It's called TTYM "Tech it till you make it" and we write about various tech topics from 3D printers to computers to maker's workbenches to mechanical and electronics projects and devices. The content is short and resourceful and can point you in the right way to further explore topics of interest. Read the first issue here then follow the link at the bottom to subscribe ( or just go here to do it ). Forward it to all your friends and acquaintances but make sure it's only people you like, never give your enemies any competitive advantage. So long, see you there and remember to tech it till you make it.

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