Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Location of Arduino's Build Directory

In case you're wondering, as I was, where does the arduino IDE save the .elf and .hex files and everything that it needs to compile your code, let me tell you it's here (for windows7 and  IDE 0022):


where the NNNNNNNNNNN is a sequence of numbers making up the .tmp directory. If you have a lot of things on the Temp folder, you may want to order it by "date modified" to quickly find your files.

Why is this important?

1. the .cpp.elf file will not show up on searches if it is on a Temp directory (I know, I looked and looked for it)
2. You need those files for things like Atmega emulators (see emulare for an arduino emulator - AtMega328, really - still trying to make the emulator work...)

Hope this helps.

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