Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weather Station migrated to

I just migrated the output of my weather station to thingspeak is a start to the implementation of an "internet of things", much like the more famous pachube. A fundamental difference is that thingspeak is open source and pachube isn't (I found this article that says pachube is open source, but I can't find the source or anything that talks about the code being open on the pachube website). I'm an open source guy, so I had to go for thingspeak!

The main differences from the previous versions of the weather station software are not many really, basically:

/*Main Changes on this version:
1: Removed connection to LCD (there's a web interface anyway!)
2: Added luminosity sensor
4: Optimized the code a little
5: Cleaned up the code making it easier to read
6: recalculation for rain (5 sec sampling is too fast, 
I never got any rain readings. Increased to 30 seconds)
7: Added a bit more comments to make the sensor setup more clear

The required and revised code has been uploaded to the code page. And checkout the new graphs here.

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