Monday, October 22, 2012

sensorNET, change of plans

Judging by the popularity of this blog, we seem to have quite a large number of people interested in this last sensorNET project. We have however decided to adjust its goals a little bit. It all has to do with a parallel project that is under development as we speak: cloudruge, a cloud based CMMS, for Computerized Maintenance Management System. This is not the place to discuss the project, so please visit the link above if you would like to know more.

But on this blog we are interested in making things and we are going to take everything we knew from the sensorNET project and have the sensors report back to an online CMMS (these systems basically automation the maintenance management process of a company). This will allow work orders to be automatically issued on condition.

For example, if you place these sensors on rooms that need their temperature controlled, you can set them to report to the maintenance system that the temperature is too high by issuing an automatic Work Order, or a direct call for service. This is similar to temperature sensors on server rooms that report problems to network administrators. It is however more powerful, because the CMMS allows for advanced reporting and linkage to warehouse spares for example, keeping it all integrated.

The tests will start with the initial CMMS program that originated cloudruge, an open source program called maintenancedB which you can check out in here and the basic goal of setp 1 of this project is, like with the sensorNET project, the reporting of sensors directly to the CMMS and the automatic generation of work orders.

More news coming soon.

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