Wednesday, December 12, 2012

suunto ambit on linux part 3

Investigation is my favourite part of any project and especially the part where I start making things happen.

So on part 2 I got to check the protocol between the computer and the ambit. It's not not 100% clear how it operates. Just for fun, I decided to change the HDI program to send some of the packages that I can see my windows machine is sending to the ambit.

See below the screenshot of me sending a command I took from the windows sniffer. I don't get a response from the ambit BUT it reacts to that command because the lock icon disappears and the battery icon also disappears and turns into the little circles that indicate what ambit screen you are on. After briefly changing to the above, it goes back to the lock and battery icon.


Just for records, here's the full HDI package including my modified write to the ambit program on the hidtest folder. There's a lot of files you will not need in this package if you are running linux but I thought I'd leave exactly as I currently have it (see my first post on this series for other packages you require to be able to run this).

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