Thursday, December 20, 2012

Suunto ambit on Linux - log file

As requested in the comments of a previous post, here's a link to a comms log between the suunto and a PC. This is only part 1 of 6 of a session where waypoints are uploaded from the watch, followed by the upload of a move.

Hopefully this is useful for someone.


Anonymous said...

I've create a group for Suunto Linux User on movescount. The more we are, the more we are visible.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately neither the interface nor the protocol are similar to the predecessors x9,x9i,x10.

General format of the ambit messages looks like:

UId UL MP ML xx dd pp


UL USB Length: Length of USB Data including checksum (0-62 bytes).
MP Message part: 5D – first part, 5E – follow ups.
ML Message length in bytes = USB Length – 8.
xx ML bytes of payload.
dd 6 bytes of USB data
pp 4 bytesUSB Checksum - simple addition of iTalk data

Gerold said...

today I had another look into your log-file found some hints:
Out #1060 looks like a Read Memory call to read one sector (512 bytes) and the Ins from #1066 onwards return a MSDOS5.0 boot sector.
The next Out #1126 reads the next sector which is a FAT.
So the message format seems to be:
UId, UL, MP, ML as stated in the previous comment but then the next two bytes are the number of message parts for MP=5D (first part) or the sequence number of message parts for MP=5E (follow ups).
This is followed by 2 maybe 3 bytes I think are the requested command (EF, 64, 07 might be read memory). Don't know what the next 5 bytes (offset 09 to 0D) are. The 2 bytes at offset 0E,0F look like a message counter (similar to the iTalk ID).
Don't know bytes at offset 10 to 13 but bytes at offset 14 to 17 are the starting address and bytes at offset 18 to 1B are the requested length in bytes.

none said...


Does anyone have experience with using moveslink in wine/in a virtualbox? Is that possible?

Anonymous said...

not working in virtualbox + ubuntu