Saturday, September 6, 2014

Weather station github page

I'm actively updating all the code and libraries for the new weather station project. I'm collecting all the old information for historic purposes, as follows:

1. github project pages are here:

2. Original SHT1x arduino library:

***NOTE extract the library above, rename the extracted folder from "SHT1x-master" to "SHT1" and copy it into the libraries forlder of your arduino IDE installation.

3. Original Timer 1 arduino library:

 ***NOTE extract the library above,create a folder called "Timer1" and copy it to the libraries folder of your arduino IDE installation.

You will need to shutdown and restart the IDE for the libraries to be ready for use by the system.

Once you do this with the original IDE 0017 code, the code verification will fail on the creation of an instance of Webserver. No doubt this is now done another way. I have to investigate how much the http library has changed in the last few years. To work!

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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zodiak aka Rui said...

code on github now properly loads the libraries, compiles and can be uploaded to a duemillenove. IT responds to http requests with the sensor data. Not sure if the sensor data is ok yet. We'll see!

We are currently at an excellent starting point for v2 of the weather station project:

we have a arduino code that works, i.e. we recovered the software, next step is hardware recovery.