Thursday, July 22, 2010

HP Pavilion DV2

One of the best things I did on my recent life (ok, maybe I'm exaggerating...) was to buy a HP pavilion dv2 laptop computer. This is the computer I use for everything that I do and I do a lot with computers. I carry it everywhere I go, sometimes without the luxury of a bag and it works like a charm.

I run a dual boot system with ubuntu linux (not a partition install but a file install with wubi, more about that later on another post because I think that experience is cool and I wat to share) and windows 7 ( a great operating system IMHO).

HP pavilion DV2 good stuff:

1. Low price
2. Small but not so small you need a magnifying glass
3. Works great with ubuntu 9.1 (maybe even better with the latest version)
4. Very light
5. Fast Processor (at least for anything I need - no crazy 3D gaming though)
6. Cool looks
7. Comes with external DVD burner (I seldom use it, so why do I need to carry it everywhere? but I still want to have one, so this is the very best option!)
8. HDMI port
9. Absolutely great keyboard in terms of size and feel

HP pavilion DV2 not so good stuff:

1. Construction and material feels a bit weak and low quality
2. VERY LOW battery life (2.5 hours)
3. Mousepad is very usable but not to my liking (I use an external USB mouse anytime I can)

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