Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weather Station Project

A while ago I bought the weather station sensors from sparkfun electronics. I installed them on my roof the other day and connected everything to an arduino microcontroller board which in turn is connected to a wired ethernet shield, all bought on sparkfun. I also got the humidity and temperature sensor SHT15 breakout board. I had an Hitachi-compatible LCD laying around that I connected to the arduino and installed on a box inside my house, giving me instant data information.

The weather information I can collect is:

Temperature (SHT15)
Relative Humidity (SHT15)
Wind Direction (weather sensor assembly)Wind Speed (weather sensor assembly)
Precipitation (weather sensor assembly)

I put everything on a IP65 box that I installed outside on the wall up close to the roof and brought cables in to my house (power, data for LCD and ethernet). I hope that I can take some pictures of the hardware someday and post them here.

The ethernet shield reports all the available data upon request from a client computer. I have until now developed all the code on the arduino including:

Interface with weather sensors (Wind speed, direction, rain gauge)
Interface to the SHT15 Temperature and Humidity Meter
Interface with the Ethernet shield and transfer of data through http
Interface with the LCD screen

This is the complete wiring connections that I did (excluding LCD):

I know the schematics are kind of terrible but they are good for guidelines in case you would like to do something like this. I've got larger versions, email me in case you need them.

In my next post, I will upload the arduino code that makes all of this possible. After that I will post the PHP code I wrote to update a mySQL database with weather data so that I can see the history and, for example, see the evolution of relative humidity throughout the year.


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for these nice documentation. Have you got an fritzing grafics instead of your sketch.
thanks a lot

zodiak aka Rui said...

sorry, no fritzing graphics for this project.