Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wifi Speaker Project

Today I release the first semi-working v0.0 ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA version of the server software for the wifi speakers project. It's developed in DELPHI, runs on windows and I publish the binaries only although this is obviously an open source application [EDIT: source is now available also]. Here's a screenshot:

limitaions of this version:

- only streams in HTTP
- cannot manage spakers yet, so it multicasts everything
- play locally button doesn't work
- find speakers doesn't work
- managing groups button doesn't work yet
- mic vol adjustment button doesn't work yet

---- You need to install VLC 1.1 to run this application. Then on a remote computer, use VLC1.1 again and open a network stream with URL: http://IP_shown_in_server_app(local_IP):8080. You should hear the stream of your line in or the file that you decided to stream out.

Of course this is only the start, but I think that having managed to stream stuff out is the hardest step. The rest is fairly simple (well, except for the client side but that's another story).

Thanks Gerald to point me to VLC. As always, good call!

Download application and source from the project page on (dont' forget you need VLC1.1). Remeber this is the very basic release, I will spend the rest of this week making everything else work.

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