Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Playing an mp3 file with the VS1053 arduino shield

Here's the code that plays a "hello" on speakers connected to the mp3 shield for the arduino made by sparkfun:

download the pde file from here.

This code is a port of a code made available by VLSI (the manufacturers of the VS1053 mp3 chip), available on their forum for the AT89C51ED2/RD2 microcontroller.
Have fun. Still working on getting the shield working with a VLC stream, slow but getting there and this port is part of way to get there!
PS: note that the Tx and Rx pins must be pulled out of the mp3 shield so that they do not connect with the arduino board.


Tuhi Mera Naam said...

This is Tuhi here.
I would like to know how to connect my arduino duemilanove(atmega328p) with this MP3 shield(VS1053). can you post something like a step by step guide like which pin to connect on what pin on arduino.
It will be very helpful.

zodiak aka Rui said...

Sorry for my late reply. I don't get many comments so I always forget to check back.

I'm a little confused with your question. This shield, like any other shield, goes on top of the main board and is ready to work with it (hence compatible shield for the arduino...)

In case you are simply looking for the way to connect the VS1053 to the arduino board, the best way to know that is to go to sparkfun, find the shield page and download the schematics - they're open source. These will tell you the connections from the shield to the board, pin by pin.

Hope it helps,